Master's Message November 2019


Becoming a Mason is quite a journey; a journey involving new friendships, commitments and fellowship. It could be likened to a spiritual road map, a personal path to enlightenment. Every Mason has their unique perception of the fraternity, but as a whole we maintain ancient principles that unite us.

Varying types of feasts and festivals were originated in the past, all with the purpose of providing an opportunity for common man to meet, talk and hear the latest news. Full of great symbolism, these gatherings play just as big a role today as they did to our predecessors. Within the minutes of former lodges, there would often be mention of brethren convening following the “entering” or “passing” of a man. The lodge would gather about the “festive board” to both honor the brother either initiated or passed, and to use the time to teach the work of the fraternity. The Table Lodge is a well knowngathering that is also full of tradition.

On November 13th, I welcome you to gather at Redwood Lodge for a historical and delicious Table Lodge as we share in our Jewish heritage. Our newest Entered Apprentice candidates will be present, please join us in welcoming them to our fraternity.

Kind Fraternal Regards,
W:. Matt Yaffe

“Once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right"
         -Robert Hunter (Scarlet Begonias)