Senior Warden's Message May 2019

Greetings Brethren,

During my time as an officer at Redwood Lodge, I often find myself recalling the day that I took my very first step into Lodge, as a “poor blind candidate”.  I felt such a wide range of emotions, like I’m sure many before me have. I was excited and anxious, hopeful and cautious; for this was the beginning of my Masonic journey.  I had many questions and expectations. Where would this take me?  Would I learn more about myself? And most importantly, what would I get out of the Craft? I was very fortunate and thankful to begin to find my place in the lodge and start to progress through the chairs. This also made me reflect on several of the lectures and ritual. My senses were heightened and I began to develop a deeper sense of pride and love for not only Freemasonry, but for Redwood Lodge.

 I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to W:, Rogovin, the current line of officers , and the Past Masters for making this year exciting and unique. All of you have inspired and enhanced my Masonic journey. I am extremely grateful for your vision and dedication as both guides and mentors.

I am excited for the year ahead. I look forward  to a year full of brotherly love and camaraderie that binds us together both inside and outside of the Lodge.  I truly believe this will only unite and solidify us as Masons and make us a stronger brotherhood. I’d like to  welcome any suggestions or ideas on how we together can make this a year that is as gratifying and meaningful as possible.

I spent a great amount of time and research for our chosen charity this year, Children’s Wishes, a non-profit organization located here in Rhode Island. The goal of their organization is to provide children in our state a brief respite from the illnesses and medical challenges they encounter with amazing wish experiences, while assisting their families with continued support beyond the wish. The organization was built on the commitment to serve children and families with love, honor, dedication and respect. These values stood out to me, as I feel they very closely mirror those of Freemasonry and wanting  to make a positive  impact on our community.

Kind Fraternal Regards,

Matthew Yaffe