Master's Message April 2019

Greetings Brethren,

As I reach the end of my term as Master I am met with both joy and sadness.I feel the pride of completing a journey and of having met and befriended so many great brothers.I am thankful to stand alongside a dedicated line of officers whose perseverance and flexibility have helped them on their path to the East.I am grateful for the past masters who continue to serve Redwood and offer their friendship, advice, and guidance.

I feel the sadness of a task not completed. I had hoped to build connections among the members of Redwood, however we continue to see fewer brothers at monthly meetings.Some have even felt a deepening of the division between longtime members and newer brothers.I do not have all of the answers, but I am confident that those in line behind me will continue this important work.Be assured that I will be here to offer my friendship and support in the coming years.

Redwood Lodge is a place where I find friendship, camaraderie, and comfort. My hope is to see it, and its members, thrive.Thank you all for the privilege of serving as the Master of Redwood Lodge.

In lieu of an April program there will be a business meeting. Afterwards we will head to Tammany Hall, which we often visited during my time as a candidate and young officer.

I hope you will join us.


W:. Michael Rogovin