Master's Message June 2018

Greetings Brothers,

Thank you to all who attended our Annual Meeting and Banquet this past month; it was a great night and very meaningful for myself. This month, we have two candidates performing their proficiency and signing the bylaws. Though they have only been in the Craft for a few months they have both proven themselves to be worthy and exemplary brothers.

We will also hear a presentation from Rachel Rogovin, my wife. She will talk about her work at Team IMPACT, a non-profit organization that partners children chronic and serious illness with collegiate sports teams in  their local communities in order to provide the children with an opportunity to build their self-esteem and improve their sense of belonging and community. Team IMPACT also teaches student athletes about the  importance of acceptance, friendship, and giving back to their communities. As a childhood cancer survivor myself, the mission of this organization is of special importance to me.

After the meeting we will be going to Red Bridge Tavern for dinner and drinks. I hope you join us.

W:. Michael Rogovin