Master's Message April 2018

Greetings Brethren,

Plans and goals are a part of our lives, as well as of our professional environment. One of the reasons for constant disappointment with ourselves and others, is that plans almost never go according to our desires. Therefore, when there is disharmony in our plans, we suffer;  blame others, but mostly, we blame ourselves, believing that we must have complete control of every situation.  

What separates a good fighter from a GREAT fighter, is the ability to quickly adapt to any situation, automatically gaining the necessary attributes to face their opponent. In a fight, they may adapt themselves to resist abilities, replicate and enhance them to surpass their opponents, or spontaneously develop specific countermeasures. They can also analyze and understand any object, person or situation, quickly deducing the best course of action.  It sounds like a superhero. The reason for this is simple, “The Power of Adaptation”. Sometimes we have to withdraw or back off of certain situations or events in our life in order to regain control because our so called “plans” have changed.  If we understand that we can never be in complete control, that we sometimes have to trust our instincts and let go, adapt and evolve, then we will prevail and conquer.

Early last year, as I was putting together my Agenda as a the new Master, I made several plans and strategies for the upcoming months, and even thou I had made a highly detailed outline of those plans, I understood that flexibility was important in order to reach and accomplish the goals I had set.  In the month of March we had to cancel our  meeting due to the snow storm. It was difficult to determine with exactitude the perilous conditions that storm could have caused; but a decision needed to be made, and the safety and well-being of the Brethren was my priority.

Our DDGM Robert Ellston will be visiting us at our regular communication on April 9th; to recognize several of our Brothers for their accomplishments and years of service within our Craft. Additionally, we will be examining our candidates’ EA proficiency, and conferring the FC degree as well. Our officers have been working diligently to once again make this a  meaningful night for our newly initiated Brothers. Please make sure to come and support them on this wonderful night.

My Brothers, this is my last message as Master of Redwood Lodge.  Our Senior Warden, Mike Rogovin, will be delivering the message in our next Builder. It’s been an enormous pleasure to have been allowed to share my thoughts, and a little bit of my experience with all of you. I’ve known that to teach is to learn. Remember the simple lessons of life, and always reach out to help others, that’s our job, THAT is to be human.

Fraternally yours,
Javier R. Alfonzo
Worshipful Master