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A Tribute to an Extraordinary Brother

Br. Juda RosenRedwood Lodge has been fortunate to have many great officers throughout its history to help shape and mold our Lodge into being one of the best in our Grand Lodge jurisdiction.   Not every great leader needs to have ascended to the east.   Once in a while, someone comes forward who distinguishes himself both within our Lodge and throughout the jurisdiction.  Brother Judah Rosen was one such brother.   He was Initiated on June 9, 1969, Passed on February 9, 1970, Raised on March 9, 1970 and signed the By Laws on April 13, 1970.  He was first appointed Chaplin of Redwood Lodge in May, 1974.  Judah was known for his deep, booming and robust voice.  He was fondly called “The Voice of God”.    

Bro. Judah accepted his new position with fervency and zeal which he faithfully served until May 2012.   As Chaplin, he brought a wonderful decorum and unique approach to the degree work.   He leaned on his orthodox Jewish background to enhance the Chaplin’s part in the degrees.   Many of us will never forget sitting in awe on the sidelines listening to Judah perform his portion of the ritual work.   From first engaging the candidates as they entered the lodge room until his completion of the charge at the end of the evening, Bro. Judah had the innate ability to hold everyone’s attention.  Bro. Judah was a perfectionist when it cameto learning his part of the degree work.   He memorized his lines and repeated them as if the Lord was speaking.   In those few times in the course of a degree when Bro. Judah approached the lectern to give his part, he would always turn on the light fixture that illuminated the lectern, recite his part perfectly with emphasis and persuasion frommemory without ever looking down at the empty lectern, then turn off the lectern light fixture and return to his seat.   The image of Bro. Judah standing in the east as the candidates walked around the lodge hall or knelling at the alter to recite an opening or closing prayer  or blessing a worshipful master as he was beg installed have made an indelible memory to those who have ever witnessed his magic. In addition to being Chaplain of Redwood, Bro. Judah was made an Honorary Past Master of Redwood Lodge in 2004.

Bro. Judah’s reputation as one of the best Masonic Chaplains in Rhode Island rapidly spread.   He was appointed as Deputy Grand Chaplain in 1988.  His well articulated voice continued to command everyone’s attention and was appointed Grand Chaplin of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island in May 1996 by M.W. Arnold Wasserman, and reappointed by every successive Grand Master until Bro. Judah retired in May 2012.  At every Grand Lodge meeting, Bro. Judah was in the East at the right hand of the Grand Master.   He was awarded the Grand Lodge Distinguished Service Medal on May 22, 2011 and was voted Grand Chaplain Emerituson May 21, 2012.

Bro. Judah was born in Philadelphia, PA on August 19, 1920 and eventually moved to Cranston, Rhode Island in 1961.  He was the consummate salesman having operated his own business for over 30 years.  He had served in the Army Air Corps during World War II and was stationed outside London, England, where he met his beloved wife, Dorothy, of blessed memory.   Together, they were at every social event of Redwood Lodge and Grand Lodge.  

Everyone has a fond memory of Judah.  He made you feel warm with his firm handshake.  He was never at a loss for words.  He had a kind word for everyone.  He had a litany of jokes at the ready whenever asked with a great delivery to obtain the most laughter as possible.   He loved Free masonry.   He emulated our truly noble masonic virtues in his travels through life.  Bro. Judah was called to the celestial lodge above on July 30, 2016, in his 95th year.  He will be missed by all his Masonic brethren and all those whose lives he touched.  

By W. Andrew G. Sholes

Redwood Lodge Worshipful Master

From The Secretary

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