Masters Message December 2015


Every year I start the holiday season with the joyful feeling of the way I felt as a child. I hear the first song on the radio, see the first toy advertisement on TV and fondly remember past holiday dinners with my family. As the weeks progress, the memories of merriment seem to be quickly pushed aside and replaced with the harsh reality of what the holiday season becomes as an adult.  Managing work, purchasing presents, frenzied shoppers, and even more frenzied shoppers trying to find the best parking space!  Basically, the over commercialized and highly stressful Christmas holiday.  It seems as if we just finished the last of the pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving and we’re on to planning an even bigger feast...Christmas Dinner!  This time of year can be one of the most hectic times, if we let it. I propose, this year, not letting it become a full blown anxiety attack! Let us try not to lose sight of what this season truly represents...Giving. It’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla so we find ourselves so crazed that we switch to autopilot and instead of really enjoying our holiday traditions. I’m asking that we not get so caught up in the whirlwind that we forget our Masonic duty of Charity.  Instead of just placing a toy in a donation box or dropping a few dollars in a little red bucket, let’s try to make our giving a little more meaningful. I’ll bet doing something, a little bit more, changes this holiday season into something more memorable. It can be something as simple as contacting a member of your lodge that you haven’t heard from in a while or visiting a member in a nursing home would be a welcomed gift. Simple acts to us are not so simple to those who receive them and are so much more meaningful than just going through a memorized ritual just to cross it off the list. I look forward to hearing about the ways you chose to switch it up this holiday and make new memories to fondly look back on.

For those who could not attend last months annual Table Lodge, the officers of Redwood Lodge did an outstanding job and should be commended.  In my opinion, a Table Lodge is not for the entertainment of the officers of the hosting lodge but for the brothers who attend it. I hope everyone who attended agrees that Redwood succeeded in putting on a great night!  There were over seventy people in attendance, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was festive and relaxed.   A special thanks goes out to W:. Michael Ponte who kicked off the evening with a little tune on his trumpet.  I believe RW:. Peter Iacobucci was very pleased with the musical selection.

This month, I’m hoping to bring back, a long forgotten but greatly enjoyed, traditional Redwood holiday dinner. Brothers are welcomed to bring their family members and loved ones. A festive evening of music, mingling, and merriment will be had by all and I look forward to seeing you there!  

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,

Dennis Cipriano
Worshipful Maste