Masters Message October 2015


I am proud to report that Redwood Lodge is off to a great start.  Over the last few months the officers have been diligently working on the internal organization of the lodge. In lodge we have discussed topics such as membership projections, lodge expenses, revenue strategies, By-Law edits, charitable donations, candidate fees, lodge interactions within the Metro district, as well as the events calendar for the year.  The strength of any organization is built up and maintained by the amount of active involvement from its members. In order for Redwood to have continued success and growth, its members need to take an active role. If you haven’t been to Lodge in a while, I cordially invite you to stop in. We welcome your input.  At the last meeting we held our annul Redwood Steak fry for dinner.  I thank all the officers for their assistance with everything to cooking to cleaning up.  It was good to see everyone participating in making this annual event such a success.

I will be trying something a little different for October’s dinner and meeting.  Some of the dinner attendees have requested that we try to reduce the cost.I have taken this into consideration and have planned for this month’s dinner to be grilled pizza. The pizza will be prepared by me and some of the officers from St. Johns Providence. The dinner cost will be $12.00 per person and a reservation will be required.  This month I will be continuing the theme of “getting to know Redwood” by having discussions about the history of our lodge from different members perspectives through the years. I’m hoping that learning about past practices will be both entertaining and enlightening for all members, old and new. I invite all brothers to share their stories and experiences of being members of Redwood Lodge.  I look forward to seeing you in October!

Dennis Cipriano
Worshipful Maste