Masters Message September 2015

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break. Unfortunately, it never lasts as long as we would like.

During the break, we enjoyed several events with our fellow brethren and their families. Redwood Lodge had its annual cookout in July at Buttonwoods Masonic Park. I’d like to thank everyone for coming and hope you all had a relaxing, fun afternoon.  A special thanks goes to W:. Mekawy Elmekawy for making his signature chicken kabobs and to Bro. Clark Mason for his delicious German Potato Salad. You know it’s good when there isn’t a morsel left!  

Also, the district worshipful masters coordinated a successful Charity Event for the Metro District in August.  The masters decided to keep it simple with a cookout for the officers and held the event at Buttonwoods. I’m very pleased that all lodges were in attendance and the money that was raised will go to a Cystic Fibrosis Charity.  The contribution will be presented at Jenks Lodge during their
September meeting.    

Redwood’s September meeting will be held on Wednesday September 2nd at 6:00pm. The date had to be changed due to there being a holiday on Monday the 14th and a conflict with the building on the 9th. Please make a note of the meeting change.  Dinner will be the Annual Steak Fry with the business meeting to follow, so make your reservation soon! The theme for this masonic year is “Get to Know Redwood Lodge”, so this month, there are several presentations scheduled that I hope everyone will find informative and enjoyable. In June we sponsored Bro. Luis Carcamo’s daughter, Nora Carcamo, as she became a finalist, representing RI, in the National American Miss Leadership Pageant.  Nora will discuss her experiences and the awards she received as a participant in the pageant. Also this month, a few of the officers will be providing us with a brief background regarding their personal journeys into masonry, what it means to them, and where it has taken them thus far.   

I’d like to compare a lodge to a bottle of salad dressing that has been sitting on a shelf for a while. Over time, all of the ingredients tend to settle to the bottom.  But when you shake it up a bit, you awaken all the wonderful flavors that help bring the salad to life!

Dennis Cipriano
Worshipful Master