Masters Message June 2015

I would like to sincerely thank all those who attended the Redwood Annual. I’m not only grateful for the support given to me and Redwood Lodge but also for supporting our R.W. District Deputy Grand Master Glenn Carlson and his Grand Master of Ceremonies Scott Alger as this annual was the last ritual they will
perform as they are moving out of the districts and into the Grand Council.

I am looking forward to an active year for Redwood and hope my brothers enjoy the upcoming events that I have lined up. I am also anticipating an exciting year for the Metro District since one of my goals is to encourage the Metro District to become more unified by having the lodges interact more through visitation and greater involvement. I have spoken to the Masters of a few of the Metro Lodges and we are in the process of coordinating a multi lodge gathering at Buttonwoods Masonic Park in August. Additional information will be provided as soon as the final plans are decided upon.

I am extremely excited to kick off The Ultimate Masonic Challenge, a program which I have been developing for many months! The premise is similar to the movie, National Treasure, only it’s a RI based Masonic themed scavenger hunt. It will be the first of its kind, so I am told. I’m hopeful that my fellow brethren will enjoy traveling around Rhode Island discovering some of the interesting, historical aspects of Freemasonry in the Ocean State! I must credit R.W. Richard Lynch as the co-collaborator. It has been a great pleasure accompanying him to all of the various locations and his input has been extremely valuable. This adventure has the approval of our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Raymond E. Hassell. The first mason who successfully completes the challenge will have his Blue Lodge dues and assessments paid in full for the upcoming year and receive public recognition from our Most Worshipful Grand Master as well as an article written in the Freemason about his winning. Best of luck to all those who accept the challenge to become the Ultimate Mason!

To ensure Redwood has a successful and prosperous year, involvement amongst our officers and members is imperative. I am planning, what I hope will be, some of the most memorable and entertaining events the Redwood members have participated in! They include a Paintball Outing, Gun Range Competition, Ladies at the table, 50/50 raffle and a cigar night. This year’s activities start at the June meeting by taking care of our general business followed by a discussion regarding the upcoming year, participation, and planning. After which, we will have dinner at Mon Kou Restaurant in Attleboro.  This dinner choice was initiated by our Past Master Michael Ponte a few years back and has become an annual tradition that I’m happy to carry on.

In closing, I would like to thank all those who have offered their assistance and counsel. Also, I’d like to congratulate our most recent Past Master, Jef Saunders on his successful year and more
importantly on getting married.

I am anxiously looking forward to working alongside my brothers to make this masonic year of Redwood Lodge one to remember!

Fraternally, W: Dennis Cipriano