Masters Message April 2015



The Redwood annual is quickly approaching and it is my pleasure to be writing to you this month from the West. Looking back over the years, since I was an Entered Apprentice, much has changed within Redwood. We have seen brothers come and go yet our officer line has remained strong. There are new faces on the sidelines while attendance remains healthy. Change can sometimes be difficult especially when it involves a long standing institution such as Freemasonry but Redwood has shown it’s willingness to evolve.

A new generation of men have found themselves drawn to the craft and have found a place in Redwood Lodge. This openness to diversity reinforces our principles, to meet all Brothers on the level. It is our duty to demonstrate what it means to be an upright mason, through teaching the history of Redwood and the mysteries of Freemasonry. This involvement amongst brothers is what keeps us coming back month after month.  Our soon to be Past Master, W:. Jef Saunders, has successfully contributed to Redwood’s history and has done an exemplary job this past year. We learned about the Sojourner House and the many women and families they help. We continued to support Crossroads of RI, explored the art of coffee, discovered that Jef can do an Irish jig and we have reclaimed companionship following our meetings.

I am proud of our history and of all the Past Masters who have sat in the Oriental Chair of Redwood Lodge. I will do my best, if elected, to continue with the progression of Redwood Lodge #35. Together we will explore the recent past, resurrect lost traditions and maybe even add some new ones. I would like to extend an invitation to the members we haven’t seen in lodge in a while. You will always be welcomed as a friend but more especially as a Brother in Freemasonry.

On behalf of the officers and members of Redwood Lodge, we thank you Worshipful Jef Saunders for making this such a successful, enlightening and entertaining year.
Dennis Cipriano