Masters Message March 2015

Greetings Brethren!

The winter of 2015 has been a snowy one indeed! Unfortunately, the Lodge needed to cancel it’s February Communication due to the severe weather. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but I felt for safety’s sake it was the right decision to make.

This cancellation has pushed off our discussion and vote on the new Redwood by-laws. I was left with a difficult decision: put off the by-laws until the very end of the year, or schedule our Master Mason degree as a special (likely in May before our annual). I opted for the latter after discussion with the officers and PastMasters. My thanks to everyone who made suggestions! I hope this decision gets us the best possible degree work for our candidates, as well as appropriate time for discussion of the new By-laws.

This particular winter in New England is record breaking. In my reading about it, I happened upon interesting stories about the Snowstorm of 1717. I got this description from the Hampton, New Hampshire library website: “The storm began early in the month of February and was 'very ordinary' at first. It kept right on for a couple of days and the farmers commenced to think that perhaps it would be a severe one. A week went by and still the snow fell. It had not stormed continuously all of that time but there was no clearing of the skies. It stopped for a few hours perhaps and then more clouds gathered and then came the snow. Storm after storm swept down on the country and village until two weeks had elapsed. Finally when the sun did come out and the skies became clear, what a sight was before people! Snow lay at a depth of from ten to twenty feet.”

Thankfully, this winter hasn’t quite reached the 10 foot mark. Still, there have been times (usually while shoveling) that is has felt like 10 feet have fallen!

The March meeting will also be a presentation of 25 Year Pins and 50 year Service Medal. It is truly an honor to be Master while 100+ years of masonry is recognized! Our dinner will be the famous Redwood Lodge Deli Night from Davis!

Jef Saunders