Masters Message Febuary 2015


The February meeting of Redwood Lodge will see the our new By-Laws discussed and put up to a vote. An email copy has gone out to the Brethren (as well as hard copies if necessary).

I’d like to address some of the key updates that the By-Laws committee has made:

The current by-laws were put into place in 1947. The Committee has worked on updating them appropriately for the past 2 years. I am indebted to their service and thank them for the work they’ve put into the new by-laws.

One of the key changes to the By-Laws was to limit the compensation paid to Secretary and Treasurer to no more than a set percentage of the dues collected by the Lodge.

The fees our Candidates will pay have been increased, but adjusting for inflation these are still lower than what our Brethren in the 1940’s were expected to pay. Initiation dues help support the Lodge, but they also reinforce the seriousness of Freemasonry to our newest brethren.

Other changes have been made to keep the financial stability of the Lodge strong going well into the future.

I am leaving ample time for discussion of the By-Laws for the next meeting. We will vote on the new By-Laws as a whole, not article by article. Please read the By-Laws and be prepared to make brief statements in open Lodge during the time allotted for discussion.

Following the business to come before the Lodge in February, we will have a Dutch Treat Meal at Mon Kou in North Attleboro, MA. This meal began under W. Michael Ponte and I found it to be a very nice change of pace for the Lodge. I’m looking forward to seeing the Brethren in February for our By-Laws discussion and in March for our Fellow Craft degree.

W:. Jef Saunders