Masters Message Dec 2014

Greetings Brethren,

I have been the beneficiary of excellent mentorship from Redwood’s Past Masters. In fact, since I sat in the Senior Deacon’s chair, the Past Masters have given me good counsel and guidance, and I am exceptionally grateful to them for sharing their experience. There are certain parts of being Master of a Lodge that one cannot be prepared for, and I must say my experience as Master at the Redwood Table Lodge was one of those things. The outpouring of support, from our line officers coming to set up the Lodge at 9:00 am on a Sunday, to our youngest Master Masons and line officers assisting with serving, to our Past Masters making sure service and toasts went without a hitch... it was truly a wonderful experience. When a Lodge works together like ours does, it really is a sight to behold. To everyone who participated in any way in the November Table Lodge meeting, thank you.

Our Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Wyman P. Hallstrom III joins us again in December, making his official visitation to the Metro district. I am very excited for our program of the evening, “How to Make Better Coffee” with Mark Hundley. Mark is a competitive barista, who is making his way to the US Coffee Championship in Durham NC as I write this. If you are interested in watching him compete, a link will be available at the website: When I travel, which is often, I typically ask Mark for his coffee house recommendations all over the country. His knowledge is second-to-none, and I am thrilled to be able to facilitate Mark making coffee for us at the Lodge. This program harkens back to a day when Masonic Lodges hosted programs on all kinds of things, from architecture and astronomy to sheep shearing and cabinet making. My hope is that it is fun, practical, and a little different.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

W. Jef Saunders