Master's Message June 2017

Greetings Brethren,

My deepest gratitude is extended to all the Brethren who attended, and supported in one way or another, our Redwood Annual meeting, which it was held last May 8th, 2017. An infinite sense of gratefulness fills me up, towards all of you who believed in me, and had bestowed me with the honors of being the next Master of our respected Redwood Lodge. Thanks to those who believe in our Craft, and the constant movement of the wheel of knowledge and wisdom of our great Fraternity.

To our District Deputy Grand Master R:.W:. Gary S. Kaufman, and his Master of Ceremonies W:. Mark E. Eddleston, THANK YOU! for a phenomenal execution of the Installation Rituals, and for allowing our officers and myself, to have received our oath and obligations in such a beautiful and meaningful way. Also, a big and special thanks to all the visiting Brethren from within and out of our district, for proving again and again, their friendship, support, and Brotherly Love. Following the Annual, we had a reception at Madeira Restaurant, and with the diligent assistance of our Senior Deacon Roy Gessman, the night concluded with a great time together, a great dinner, and great camaraderie.

Congratulations again, to our Past Master Robert T. Goff, for have successfully completed his term as Master of Redwood Lodge, and for leaving behind a legacy of his great leadership for us to follow.

Brethren, allow me to announce with great excitement a remarkable program at our next June meeting presented by Gloria Greenfield, Manager of Immigration Advocacy at Sojourner House. The mission of Sojourner House, is to promote healthy relationships by providing culturally sensitive support, advocacy, and education for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Rhode Island. Her presentation is  “Sojourner House 101”, which will educate us to better understand their great cause. Sojourner House will be our main charitable work this year. Also, during our next meeting, we will be creating and organizing small Committees that will assist us with logistics and organization for our future work and events during this next term; such committees will include and not be limited to, Sick and Distressed Committee, Social Events Committee, and Fundraiser Committee. My brothers, give some thoughts about any of these committees, and where you could use and lend your skills and knowledge to help us improve our Lodge.

To continue our support to W:. Robert T. Goff, we’ll be receiving with great pleasure our newly raised Brothers, who are scheduled to perform their proficiency, sign the by-laws and officially become members of Redwood Lodge. Our Junior Warden Matt Yaffe has done a tremendous job with Brother Matthew Wyman, Brother Bryan Martin, and Brother Wilson Perez throughout these past months, and now, I extend my sincere congratulations to Brother Matt for his guidance.

Brethren, save the date for our Redwood Annual Picnic, scheduled on Sunday, July 16th, at Buttonwoods Masonic Youth Center, 116 Long St, Warwick, RI 02886. Come along with your family to enjoy a day filled with fun and great food!.

A whole year is ahead of us, and I invite all the Brethren to attend, and to participate in our monthly meetings; the excitement and aliveness is present in all our officers, so I encourage you all to continue supporting this Lodge, your Mother Lodge, Redwood Lodge.

Fraternally yours,

Javier R. Alfonzo
Worshipful Master