Masters Message April 2017

Greetings Brethren,

I   would   like   to   begin   this   month's   message   by   once   again congratulating  the  recipients  of  our  25  year  pins,  Brother  Gary  Berard and Right Worshipful Samuel A. Miller. It was an honor and a pleasure at our  March  meeting  to  be  able  to  present  to  these  loyal  and  dedicated brothers their commemorative pins honoring their 25 years of devotion to both  Freemasonry  in  Rhode  Island  and  to  Redwood  Lodge.  Congratulations  as  well  to Worshipful  Donovan  Lewis  for  his  25  years  in  Masonry,  as  well  as  Worshipful  Stephen Beranbaum and Brother Howard London for their FIFTY years as Masons and as members of Redwood Lodge. Your service to the craft is appreciated!

This  month  we  will  have  the  pleasure  of  conducting  the  Master  Mason  degree  on  three candidates of Redwood Lodge, as well as one courtesy degree for a candidate from St. Paul's Lodge #14. Sometimes it is easy to take things in life for granted, and this goes for  Masonry as well. I  am sure that  all  of us can remember  when  we  were raised as Master  Masons and the  feelings  and  emotions  we  experienced.  The  Master  Mason  degree  has  been  said  to represent  the  highest  step  in  the  spiritual  unfoldment  of  Masonry.  The  great  Shakespearian actor and Mason Edwin Booth once wrote that he had "never and nowhere met such tragedy so  real  and  so  sublime  and  so  magnificent  as  the  legend  of  Hiram".  Please  consider  joining your  Brothers  for  this  important  event  in  the  Masonic  journey  of  our  candidates.  Remember what  it  meant  to  you  to  have  your  Lodge  Brothers  welcome  you  as  you  were  raised  to  the sublime  degree  of  Master  Mason.  Your  officers  will  be  working  hard  to  conduct  a  well presented  and  meaningful  degree  and  it  will  be  made  even  more  memorable  for  the candidates to see as many of you there as possible. We will be opening the Lodge at 5:30 so we  can  take  care  of  all  the  business  before  dinner,  which  will  be  at  6:00.  Dinner  will  be another of the wonderful meals prepared by our caterer for the year, Brother Dave Eccleston. I cannot  thank  Dave  enough  for  all  that  he  has  done  for  us  during  my  year  in  the  east.  Each meal has been wonderful and I do not know  where I would be without his help. We will then resume  labor  at  7:00  and  get  right  into  the  candidates  proficiency  test  and  then  the  Master Mason degree. It will be a full night but I am sure a memorable one for our candidates. Again, I hope to see you there.

Last  month  we  also  had  the  pleasure  of  enjoying  a  program  presented  by  our  Senior Warden,  and  presumptive  Master  for  the  2017-2018  Masonic  year,  Brother  Javier  Alfonzo. Brother Alfonzo clearly and beautifully presented an explanation of the eastern philosophy of Zen  and  the  techniques  of  calming  oneself  through  the  practice  of  meditation.  It  was  yet another wonderful experience for us at Redwood Lodge to have exposure to an area that few of  us  have  explored.  Brother  Alfonzo  showed  how  rich  and  diverse  Redwood  Lodge  is,  not only  in  the  diversity  of  backgrounds  but  in  the  religion,  experience  and  philosophy  of  its members.

In  May,  Brother  Alfonzo  will  be  addressing  you  from  this  space  in  the  Builder  and introducing himself to you as the presumptive Master. As such, this will be my last message to you. I  have been honored to serve Redwood Lodge  as its  Master  for  the last  year  and have enjoyed  the  chance  to  carry  on  its  wonderful  traditions.  There  is  certainly  no  better  way  to conclude a year in the East than to raise new Brothers as Master Masons. To all my officers, I thank you for your hard work this year and for your loyal support. To all the Brethren, I thank you as  well for  your  encouragement, advice and for  your  participation  in  the  life of Redwood Lodge. I truly look forward to the future of our Lodge for with the leadership of Brother Alfonzo next year, and with the strong line of officers that follow, the upcoming years of Masonry for us will truly be bright.

I will close with this quote from Brother Manly P. Hall:
" The Master Mason's symbol is the rising sun, for in him the globe of the day has indeed risen in all its splendor from the darkness of the night, illuminating the immortal East with the first promise of approaching day."

Be proud to be a Freemason. Be proud of Redwood Lodge. Thank you all and see you in April.


Robert T. Goff
Worshipful Master