Masters Message February 2017

Greetings Brethren,

I want to begin my message this month with at "thank you" to all those who helped to make last month's meeting a fun and enjoyable evening.

To W. Howie Bromberg and W. Andy Sholes, thank you for putting on such  a  plentiful  and  delicious  dinner.  Everyone  that  I  spoke  with  who attended dinner told me how much they enjoyed our "Deli Night". I was quite impressed to learn that this Redwood tradition began many years ago and may have actually coincided with the rise of the Jewish Deli as a major part of Americana.

To Brother Junior Steward Roy Gessman, thank you for introducing me to your friend David Dadekian of EatDrinkRI and for convincing him to be our speaker for the evening. To you, my Brother, goes 100% of the credit for Redwood having such an enjoyable, informative and relevant presentation. Your energy, enthusiasm and creative ideas have been such a value to me all year and especially in organizing our meeting last month.

Thank you to David Dadekian for his willingness to enlighten the Masons of the Metro district on all the different aspects of the food industry in our small but great state. David was a terrific speaker,  gave  an  entertaining  and  professional  presentation  and  I  know  that  everyone  in attendance learned a great deal about this major part of our State's economy.Thank you to Brother Ed McBride for helping to collect the dinner monies as well as selling the raffle tickets before dinner. That was a big help to me while I was upstairs conducting the meeting prior to dinner.

Thank  you  to  all  the  officers  of  Redwood  Lodge  who  arrived  early,  helped  set  up  the presentation and stayed late to clean up at the end of the evening, not to mention performing  their ritual with the usual Redwood excellence.Thank you to Brother Senior Steward Luis Carcamo for his creative solution to a wardrobe "malfunction" that occurred early in the evening.

Thank you to all the Past Masters of Redwood Lodge who came out in support or our Brother, Right Worshipful Gary Kaufman, on his very special official visitation.Thank you to Brother Kevin Jackson, the Musical Director of Jenks Lodge #24, who offered to provide the music for the evening. Brother Jackson showed his amazing talent with all of the musical selections he chose throughout the night.

Thank you to M.W. Richard Sokoll who escorted R.W. Gary Kaufman into Redwood Lodge and who gave such a moving and heartfelt introduction.

Lastly, let me again congratulate our Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master, Gary S. Kaufman on his successful journey through the Masonic districts. Redwood Lodge is very proud of you.

To those that I have omitted, please forgive me and know they while I have not mentioned you by name, your presence and participation in our event last month is very appreciated by me and I thank you for making it a special night for all.

Our work for this upcoming month is familiar to us all. We will again be taking that journey up those familiar three, five and seven Masonic steps to the Middle Chamber of King Solomon's Temple. This February, we will be conducting the Fellow Craft degree upon our three Redwood candidates.

While it will be our Senior Deacon who is the guide for the candidates, each Brother present provides  necessary  support  and  encouragement  to  them  as  they  make  their  way  along  this mysterious journey. I hope that you will join me, your officers and our candidates as we continue our goal to make three new Master Masons for Redwood Lodge.

If you are planning on attending for dinner, PLEASE make a reservation by Friday, February 10th so we know how many dinners to plan for.

Brethren, be proud of YOUR Redwood Lodge. I look forward to seeing you in February.

Robert T. Goff
Worshipful Master