Masters Message June 2016

Greetings Brethren,

Please allow me to begin my message this month by again thanking the members of Redwood Lodge for bestowing upon me the honor of Worshipful Master. Please know that I will work hard to earn this honor each and every day.

Thank you to all who attended the Annual Meeting on May 9th. The dinner was beautifully and deliciously catered by a Brother Mason, David Eccleston and Touch of Class Catering. All the officers were so
helpful to me in both the set up and clean up of the lodge and to all of them, my deepest gratitude for all they did to make it a truly memorable evening.

My appreciation to Right Worshipful Kenneth F. Poynton for driving all the way from Pennsylvania after his son's weekend graduation to preside over and conduct our meeting. My Congratulations to DDGM Poynton and his Master of Ceremonies Michael Northrup in completing their successful journey through our Masonic districts.

I have to say that the most moving part of the day for me was the administration of my obligation  by Right Worshipful District Deputy and our Brother Secretary Gary F. Kaufman. Just four years ago, I entered into Redwood Lodge apprehensive and unsure of what Masonry was all about. The first person to approach me on first day was Gary Kaufman, who reached out his hand, welcomed me and helped to ease the nervousness that I had. Since that day, Gary has always been there to counsel, support and guide me in the proper Masonic direction. Thank you, Gary, for making my installation special and for remaining as Secretary during this next year. Both Redwood Lodge and I are very fortunate to have your support and guidance during my upcoming term as Master.

One of the great honors in Freemasonry is to be able to call as "Brother" the members of Overseas Lodge #30 who have defended our country's freedoms while serving in its Armed Forces. In our June meeting,
we will have a short presentation by a distinguished military veteran and Mason, W. Dale Euga, the acting Master of Overseas Lodge #30. Additionally that night, a complimentary copy of Worshipful Euga's book,
Brothers of Honor, will be provided to all in attendance. During the meeting we will also be welcoming our newest Master Masons as "official" members of Redwood Lodge following their proficiency, as well as installing
our new Senior Warden, Junior Deacon and Sentinel. We have a full evening ahead and I hope you all can all join us.

After our work of the evening is concluded, we will all venture to Mon Kou Restaurant for dinner and fellowship. The past few years, this tradition has been a wonderful way of celebrating the work of the outgoing
Master as well as looking forward to the excitement of the work which lies ahead and the glorious months of summer.

Speaking of summer, please mark you calendars for July 10th, which will be when the Redwood family gets together for the Annual Lodge Picnic at Buttonwoods.

There is a lot to be excited about at Redwood as we look forward to the upcoming year. We have a wonderful and energetic line of officers who are already expressing enthusiasm and ideas for the upcoming
year. They are some of the finest Masons in Rhode Island and they have proudly shown their commitment to the lodge over the past year. Their youth, energy and pride in the lodge is certain to build upon our glorious history and promise to made the next year one you do not want to miss. I hope that all of you reading this will make time to join us this upcoming year. Even if you just come for dinner, the meeting or collation, please know your Brothers welcome you.  My Brothers, I look forward to seeing you.

Robert T. Goff
Worshipful Master