Masters Message April 2016


While looking over the schedule for the remainder of the Redwood Masonic year, I realized that this is my last written communication to all of you. At this time next month, the Senior Warden will be introducing himself to you and will be sharing some of his ideas for the upcoming year.
This year’s journey has been memorable in so many ways. There has been an abundance of both humorous and poignant moments over the last ten months which, for me, have strengthened the bonds of fellowship, leadership, and service to others that I proudly share with my brothers at Redwood Lodge. It is bittersweet to be passing on the torch, so to speak. Yet, I have never been more confident that Redwood is moving in the right direction. We have a solid group of committed officers, the lodge’s finances are growing since we have employed an investment management firm, our by-laws continue to be updated and kept current, and with approximately seventy five people in attendance at this year’s table lodge and a record number of attendees to the District Deputy’s visitation, Redwood is on a path to continue to thrive and be a shining example for other lodges to follow!
This year’s class of candidates are dedicated to increasing their knowledge of the craft through fellowship and service to both Redwood and the masonic community at large. Ending my year as master, I couldn’t be more proud of the men who will lead Redwood into the future while keeping with its rich traditions and values.

The officers have presented our degrees in such an engaging and inspirational way that has profoundly impacted the new candidates. On April 11, 2016 we will be presenting the Master Mason Degree. This is the final and most important degree the candidates will experience in their blue lodge journey. Take a moment to remember when you stood in the northeast corner of the lodge as an Entered Apprentice, learning the meaning of the letter G as a Fellowcraft and then being raised as a Master Mason. Let’s welcome our new candidates by offering them the chance to experience that same feeling of accomplishment and being part of something so many great men before them have taken part in.

I believe that every Master wishes to leave their lodge in a better place than when they started. I humbly hope that all of you share in my feeling that I have lived up to that expectation. With less than two short months before the annual, I feel there is still more we can do for our lodge, the candidates and ourselves, as masons. If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to contact me or our secretary and let us know what we can do to further improve Redwood Lodge. My sincerest thanks.
We meet upon the level and part upon the square,
W:.Dennis Cipriano
Presiding Master of Redwood Lodge