Masters Message February 2016

It is January 16th and I am writing to you with the excitement that the start of every New Year brings. We have had a busy beginning to 2016 already. On January 6th, four new candidates received the Entered Apprentice Degree. Over the last month the officers and I have had multiple chances to really get to know the candidates. I am looking forward to witnessing the  progress and growth of this group! Thus far, they have demonstrated great dedication to Redwood and to the craft. I am hopeful that they will fit in seamlessly as members of our Lodge.

January 11 was the official District Deputy Visitation to Redwood Lodge. There was an amazing turnout of support and interest. Brothers from all over the state were present. Not only were the sidelines  completely filled to support the R.W. Kenneth Poyton but, the program was equally impressive. We learned the intricate process of how cigars are hand rolled, by ‘Manny’. A huge thanks goes to our Junior Warden, Javier Alfonzo, for his helpful translation! His contribution made the night even more memorable. After the demonstration the hand rolled cigars, as well as Redwood’s own labeled cigars, were offered for purchase. The night was filled with great companionship, discussion, cigars, and scotch shared between friends which continued late into the night.

On behalf of the lodge, the Redwood Committee has developed a new relationship with Washington Trust Investment firm. Washington Trust will now be managing the investments of Redwood Lodge. This is the first time, in many years, that a wealth management firm has managed the investments for our lodge. Up to now, our investments have been handled using a very conservative approach. I felt it was time to broaden the lodges’ ability to bring in more revenue which will hopefully make Redwood more financially secure for future generations. I think I speak for most of us when I say, “Please let there be less snow this winter!” In February, Redwood will be presenting 50 and 25 year metals to our brothers. We will also be discussing two changes to the Redwood By-Laws. Every member should make an effort to attend this meeting to show our metal recipients their support and be active participants in moving Redwood Lodge forward.

My term as master has progressed at a rapid pace. I thank everyone for their support in making the past few months so successful.

W:. Dennis Cipriano
Worshipful Master